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Our Objectives
 Promote the enjoyment of the sports of Football, Cheerleading and Lacrosse by providing every child who attends practice and is physically capable, with the opportunity to learn the sports and play or cheer for them.

 Promote the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, physical fitness and leadership to the children of Pompton Lakes and Riverdale through the sports of Football, Cheerleading and Lacrosse. Providing them with a positive environment in which they will learn these values together with the fundamentals of the sport, enabling them to increase their enjoyment of the sport.

Try to build the self-esteem of our players and cheerleaders by teaching them the fundamentals of the sport and positive values provided by the sport that will enable them to grow as a participant and a person.




 Questions regarding:


Football - Rob Sturla (973) 417-2433

Cheering - Paula Sturla (973) 214-8719

Lacrosse - Chris Thornhill (973) 768-5234


Or Email: plryosports@gmail.com


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